Waste Water Treatment Plant Stupe staff training program for the operation of RFSS System


On September 5 2014, the training for the proper use of the installed RFSS-CBS System of the Vodovod i Kanalizacija staff was conducted. The system enables making statistical records of waste origin and quality, as well as the discharged amount per user and according to duration.

ELMAP RFSS control system consists of local automation, remote management and administration interface for user management, as well as all relevant data about discharging. The system can be controlled locally, via buttons and visualization panel, and remotely, using the SCADA System.

Installed Elmap RFSS System was handed over to the company Vodovod i Kanalizacija and its work will continue to be monitored in the future, in order to evaluate the quality of solution and its resistance in atmosphere which is highly-saturated with sulphur-hydrogen.


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